What Makes A Brand The Perfect Pick For A Consumer?

As the new-age customer have we ever paused to think what really propels our buying behaviour? Ah! Well most of us ought to just about anything while the new breed of buyers would attribute it to dernier cri. Fashion is usually considered a best denominator to see a society’s progress in terms of its gradual progressive change which also more or less engulfs our lifestyle patterns of its people and making their fashion sense more eclectic.

To enable this understanding into seamless play, the brands that are mushrooming in the fashion scenes now a days need to be subservient of their long- term goals and understand how the consumer behaviour will eventually unfold over a period of time. The most crucial part for the brand is to strategically understand why would a consumer decide to buy from you? Most of the brands live by the jargon of advertising well, to increase visibility of the business. The key lies in consumer noticing you.

In my years of working in this space, I have realized what makes a consumer notice your brand is what makes your products unique compared to your competitors and working on retaining your credibility as a brand by ensuring trust in the long run. One should never shy away from asking the consumer why would they not prefer buying a particular brand, this certainly helps in honest insights for the brand as to what makes a consumer notice you in the first place.

Apart from this another crucial aspect that any brand needs to take into account is offering quality and value at affordable pricing. Considering the customers have certain expectations from you, you need to give them a reason to buy from you. Working with area distributors and suppliers can be a smart move as they are most likely to help you attain knowledge on what works best with the target customer in the particular area or region and simultaneously allow the brand to also pass along competitive pricing to the consumer. The customer not only should look for the brand’s availability but also now a days the mode of payment plays a crucial role too with consumers choosing between multiple modes of payments that are easy and time saving for them, this also invariably plays a role in promoting sales along with discounted coupons system, offered as freebies by most brands to help customers realize their loyalty to brands and also attract their attention to new range they are offering.

While some people stick to a particular brand name because of comfort, the brand portrays a certain image which clicks with the consumer base. People have a desire to fit in, whether it is at work, amongst friends or other social scenarios, this also sometimes drives their decision to buy a brand because they believe the brand will contribute to greater social acceptance which is particularly true for fashion. They like to buy brands that are chic, trendy, highclass and a perfect portrayal of a subculture. Overtime there is a loyalty factor that is woven between the brands and their consumer base, this is also a reason which causes inconvenience to them to purchase from other brands. For some the loyalty for a brand may even extend to their personal or professional image which helps them craft a niche for themselves in that realm and resonates with it.

Developing a positive brand reputation goes a long way in influencing consumer decision and purchase more frequently. Good quality fabric, transparent brand channels, value for money, competitive pricing and value added products will help the brand create a wider reach for itself. This helps people look at your product, recall what others have said about it and choose the brand over its competition. In most cases, positive reputation can offset the deficiencies in other areas.